Fighter of the Month

For retired police Lieutenant Jerry Brown, one of his most puzzling cases was 'The Case of the Mysterious Foot Drag.' He suspected something wasn’t adding up. His right foot was getting sloppy. At first, the clues were thin. Only the occasional choppy step or a subtle stumble. But after a few months of investigation, and several doctor visits, Brown’s case finally cracked open with an unexpected diagnosis. The evidence added up to Parkinson’s Disease.  

Richard Aubry's story is a rich tapestry of the kind of experiences that makes an interviewer want to pull out a typewriter and tap away until a novel is produced. From his quiet beginnings as an elementary teacher and his experience during his state's aggressive segregationist policies; to his participation in a very unlikely sports team, to an unexpected career switch—there is no shortage of stories from Aubry.  

Sitting down for the first time with Marty Kranzbaum, you might not be able to tell how active and athletic he is. His calm, gentle demeanor belies the fact that he hardly knows how to sit still. The twinkling eyes help, but as Marty points out, you can't 'get' a person from a first impression. “You have to learn the person. I like to know people.”

  Dick Williams dreamed about buying a business around the time many of his contemporaries fantasized about retirement.  This was in 2001, after Williams, then 60, tired of a 20-year career in commercial real estate and money management. In 1981, Williams helped launch the commercial brokerage division at Sarasota-based Michael Saunders & Co. He later oversaw 30 brokers in a leadership role at Arvida, once one of the largest development firms in the state. Next Williams got into wealth management and stocks. He worked for Paine Webber and ran his own firm.