Sitting down for the first time with Marty Kranzbaum, you might not be able to tell how active and athletic he is. His calm, gentle demeanor belies the fact that he hardly knows how to sit still. The twinkling eyes help, but as Marty points out, you can't 'get' a person from a first impression. “You have to learn the person. I like to know people.”

  As a Communications Specialist for the Neuro Challenge Foundation, I have been privileged to meet so many incredible people, whom I would have otherwise probably have never met. You can think of me as a writing cheerleader. My job is to share news and the stories that give you the insight you need to know about the effectiveness of Neuro Challenge programming. I have never taken on a writing job for a cause I did not feel comfortable with. This was the first job, however, that I took without knowing very much about the cause: Parkinson's. I knew nothing, really. But then a month after I joined the team, I learned that my brother-in-law has Parkinson's...and now I know that PD has touched my family.  

  Dick Williams dreamed about buying a business around the time many of his contemporaries fantasized about retirement.  This was in 2001, after Williams, then 60, tired of a 20-year career in commercial real estate and money management. In 1981, Williams helped launch the commercial brokerage division at Sarasota-based Michael Saunders & Co. He later oversaw 30 brokers in a leadership role at Arvida, once one of the largest development firms in the state. Next Williams got into wealth management and stocks. He worked for Paine Webber and ran his own firm.  

When we exercise, or engage in planned and specific repetitive physical activity, we experience a surge in dopamine, serotonin and endorphins in our brain. These chemical messengers flood us with feelings of well-being as well as sharpen our ability to think clearly and process information. Exercise is a purposeful pursuit for those with Parkinson’s as well as the general population. Unfortunately many people report that they find exercise to be boring, tiring, too difficult, or inconvenient. If this is you, I am not letting you sit idly by. Instead, I invite you to dance.  

Leonard Sloan: Something's Always Brewing! There are a few things that get Leonard Sloan really excited: exercising, gardening, and yeast! Whether he is talking about his days as an Assistant Brew Master or slicing into a loaf of freshly baked bread, yeast makes the things Leonard likes. In fact, while he told his story, Lenny was savoring freshly baked Panera bread with his coffee. Lenny has always been a pretty adventurous fellow and has always led a busy life. Having grown up in California, he started on his career path by studying fermentation science, at University of California – Davis.