Although Parkinson's might affect our sense of taste, one sense that shouldn't have to suffer is our taste in fashion. While practicality and comfort is always an important consideration, many of us really enjoy indulging our  own personal style. Don't forget the special occasions that come up in life! Our own annual fashion show, Cause4Fashion is where we prove, year after year, that life with PD does not mean that style and fashionability go out the window!  

  We've had a lot of people wondering about different kinds of medications and how to take them. This week, the Neuro Challenge staff would like to highlight our "Message from the Pharmacist, who has written this easy-to-read article on the drug combination of carbidopa and levodopa. Included is a short video featuring neurologist Dr. Dean Sutherland on the importance of medication for Parkinson's.  

Did you miss our staff 'appearance' on WSRQ? No worries! We have the link here. Fast forward to 23:00 to get to hear Judith Bell and Carisa Campanella speak on Goodwill Manasota​'s 'Tell Me Something Good!' Judi and Carisa share all about the founding of Neuro Challenge Foundation, a Sarasota non-profit that helps people with Parkinson's disease find the resources and people they need to live life better, with Parkinson's. The basics of the disease, along with tips on getting started, if you suspect Parkinson's, and most importantly, how to get help.

  Have you ever walked into a room with a clear plan of what you needed to get and once you arrived, stopped and said to yourself “Now, what did I come in here for?” I know this happens to me a lot. Most of the time, this is normal and, as we all know, age is certainly a factor in becoming more forgetful. However, for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, the inability to recall or process information is a serious and progressive problem that can be quite frustrating for patients and caregivers alike.  

How I Introduced My Granddaughter to Parkinson’s I’d like to share with you a story about my granddaughter Avah. Before you roll your eyes and think, “here we go…another bragging grandma” let me bring you up to speed. Avah, our one and only grandchild, lives in New York, is 10 years old and has always known us as her “Florida-Fun grandparents.” For the first 5 years of her life we visited her in New York quite often but after my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s our travelling subsided little by little. However, Avah visits us in Florida a few times each year and spends a special, 3 week visit each summer…without parents! We call it “Camp Kranzbaum.”