The Neuro Challenge team just debuted its new 'trailer' featuring portraits of many Sarasotans who are living life with Parkinson's disease. You might wonder why we produced a trailer because--wait--doesn't a trailer need to accompany a movie? Yes, it does. So what is the movie?  

For retired police Lieutenant Jerry Brown, one of his most puzzling cases was 'The Case of the Mysterious Foot Drag.' He suspected something wasn’t adding up. His right foot was getting sloppy. At first, the clues were thin. Only the occasional choppy step or a subtle stumble. But after a few months of investigation, and several doctor visits, Brown’s case finally cracked open with an unexpected diagnosis. The evidence added up to Parkinson’s Disease.  

The Neuro Challenge Foundation Community Mourns James (Jim) M. Muir The Neuro Challenge Foundation community sadly shares the news of the loss of Mr. James (Jim) M. Muir; son, husband, father, grandfather, veteran, and Parkinson's fighter.  

Richard Aubry's story is a rich tapestry of the kind of experiences that makes an interviewer want to pull out a typewriter and tap away until a novel is produced. From his quiet beginnings as an elementary teacher and his experience during his state's aggressive segregationist policies; to his participation in a very unlikely sports team, to an unexpected career switch—there is no shortage of stories from Aubry.  

Are you worried about paying for long term care when you need it? Neuro Challenge has just learned about a life insurance policy that, in certain circumstances, will pay for this care for Parkinson’s patients.  

At our Cause4Hope fundraising gala in March of 2015, I sat at my table during the paddle raise and felt a welling of emotion at the sight in front of me. The expansive ballroom at Michael's on East, ornately decorated, beautifully full, was a sea of white paddles as almost everyone in the room responded to the auctioneer's request for $100 from everyone. Many people gave more.