The Let Your Yoga Dance classes are tailored for people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease to stay active. Megha-Nancy Buttenheim’s Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson’s class isn’t focused on perfecting a tree or downward dog pose. The smiles on the faces of her students are better than perfection.

On Saturday November 14th, residents of South Sarasota County gathered at the Heron Creek Golf and Country Club for the Neuro Challenge Foundation Distinguished Speakers event. In former years, the event was held once annually but has been increased to twice a year, to meet growing demand for the popular speakers and their practical and inspiring messages about life with Parkinson's disease.  

The 2015 Giving Challenge season is upon us and it is an exciting time of philanthropy for Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s as well as Sarasota. There are over 400 worthy and dedicated non-profits that will benefit from our incredibly generous community.

The Neuro Challenge team just debuted its new 'trailer' featuring portraits of many Sarasotans who are living life with Parkinson's disease. You might wonder why we produced a trailer because--wait--doesn't a trailer need to accompany a movie? Yes, it does. So what is the movie?